How is your breakfast service operated?
Our breakfast service is optional and can be requested at the time of booking or upon your arrival at the front desk, where named breakfast vouchers valid for one day will be handed over.
But only the number of vouchers requested will be issued, leaving the customer free to choose whether and when to use these vouchers.
Breakfast will be served at a beautiful café / patisserie located in front of our structure starting from 7 am, without time limits, every day.
It will be possible to choose between an Italian or continental breakfast, regular or large, whose menu is available on our “offer section”.


Is it possible to have breakfast room service?
Our structure does not provide room service, but you may request that your breakfast is prepared in a takeaway package. You can then have your breakfast comfortably in your room, where a kettle, a small selection of tea and nescafe tea bags will be at your disposal.


I am gluten intolerant. Can I use your breakfast vouchers?
Yes, it will be necessary only to make your intolerance known to the staff of our partner cafeteria, before they provide the service. You will be offered a small selection of gluten-free products.


How does the airport shuttle service work?
Monza City offers its guests a private taxi transfer service to and from Milan airports, on demand. The cost is fixed, regardless of the number of passengers, the transfer time of pick up and the type of payment.
In order to use this service, it is only necessary to communicate your flight number and estimated time of arrival one day in advance.


What happens if I don't arrive by 20:00 to be registered and collect the keys?
After 20:00, when the front desk receptionist ends her working hours, you will have the opportunity to use our free self check-in service, which allows you to collect your keys at any time.
This service can be requested either at the time of booking, for those who know to be late in advance, or within 19:30 on the day of arrival if a last minute problem has occurred.
It will be essential to send a copy of a valid identification document for all the occupants of the room.

Do you have a private parking?
Our structure has reached an agreement with a covered parking located at 300 meters, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
A guest who requests this service will be given a continuous parking voucher valid up to 24 hours, at the cost of € 10.00, by virtue of our agreement.


How far is Monza City from the historic center?
Our premises are located in the historic center of Monza, more precisely in the square of an ancient monastery, 500 meters from the cathedral.


How far is it from Monza race track?
Monza race track is not located in the city center but is located in an area inside a big park just outside the center. From our premises, on foot, you can reach the beginning of the park and the Villa Reale in 20 minutes, while the entrance to the track is about 3 km away.


Is it always necessary to communicate your arrival time?
It depends. The guest reception service is always on duty from Monday to Friday from 14.00 to 20.00.
Saturday, Sunday and holidays, however, it is necessary to communicate your estimated arrival time, to avoid annoying wait.
Arrivals in the morning are also possible following agreements with the Management.


Can I go in and out whenever I want?
Of course. Upon arrival, you will be given the keys for independent access to the premises. Obviously this option is strictly reserved to registered guests.


Are the premises safe?
Monza City is located opposite to a cloistered nunnery in a very quiet residential area. To access our rooms you have to pass at least two gates and all the public areas are supervised by always operating surveillance camera system.


Do you have a luggage storage service?
Yes, for free. It will only be necessary to make arrangements with the receptionist.


Do you have rooms for smokers?
No. It is not possible to smoke in any room inside the premises. An outdoor area has been dedicated to smokers.


Are small pets allowed at the property?
No, access to animals is not allowed, even if they are small in size. This allows us to protect future guests from any allergic reaction.


Are the floors carpeted?
Neither the rooms floor nor the studios floor are carpeted. Some floors are paved with marble, others with porcelain tiles and one with parquet.


Is there a balcony or terrace?
Only one of our studios has a small balcony overlooking the square of San Maurizio Church.


Do all rooms have a private bathroom?
Yes, all rooms have a private bathroom with shower.


Do all rooms have kitchen?
No, only the studios have a fully equipped kitchenette and a service corner equipped with washer / dryer, ironboard, iron ...


Which are the hygienic measures adopted to contain the spread of the covid-19 virus?
To protect your and our health we have provided a safety barrier at the reception desk, a sanitization of the rooms at each change of guest, a sanitization of the common areas, use of alcohol-based sprays to clean surfaces, personal protective equipment for the staff, hand sanitizer placed near and around communal area…